About Catherine


Catherine has been called a teacher/therapist because of her educational approach to counseling.   She teaches in a way that helps clients remember what they learned in session, and put it into operation.  She does this by using:

  • Good Diagrams
  • Good Definitions
  • Good Stories

She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified TA Instructor. Transactional Analysis is a positive theory of psychology, created by Eric Berne, MD.  TA has helped millions of people live positive, authentic lives.

TA tools help us identify how people get ‘stuck’ in poor beliefs, habits, and feelings. The tools help people overcome common problems, such as depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and relationship problems. TA principles are simple, and therefore are excellent for couples and family work.

In her workshops and iBooks, Catherine teaches TA with story-telling. Good stories are fun.  Good stories can help you see how other people use TA principles.  Her stories make workshops and webinars informative and inspiring.

Catherine’s Professional Experience 

Before starting her private practice in 2006, Catherine was the Director of Organizational Training and Development for Marie Callendar Pie Shops Inc., in Orange County. She excelled at developing effective tools and systems for learning and for change.  Her specialty was Understanding Personality Types, and Communication Skills for Managers.

  • Education: MA Counseling Psychology-Argosy UniversityLicense: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist CA #49676
  • License: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist CA #49676
  • Certification: TA Practitioner Instructor through USATAA www.usataa.org
  • Member of the USGA

7 thoughts on “About Catherine

  1. Concerning the statement on the course webpage https://catherineobrienmft.com/ta-training/
    you say “TAP is $500 paid by Paypal. The second TAP program is needed for certification and cost is $250 “.
    Question1: What is the second TAP program?
    Question 2: What is the certification?
    Question 3: I looking for some sort of certification like this to credential me as a relationship coach. I have no other schooling or training in counseling or therapy. Would your courses fill the bill for me?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello! Thanks for your interest in TAP! The next TAP starts in Spring 2019-usually the 3rd week of January. It is also a 12-week course. Students interested in TAP certification through USATAA. You can go to http://www.usataa.org and find out more about the requirements. Finally, the TAP certification is not a credential. Some of my students have been relationship coaches, and they get their certification through a school for coaches. These students like TA so much that they take the TAP to add to their coaching skills and tools. I hope this helps! Again, thanks for your interest in TA Catherine

  2. Dear Catherine, thanks for your previous replies. I have more questions!

    1 – I know you just finished on Sep 20 the FREE ONLINE TA BASICS CLASS, but I missed it and am wondering when you will offer it again?
    2 – I’d like to sign up for the Spring 2019 12wk TAP course and do I understand correctly that the BASICS is a prerequisite?
    3 – Also I keep seeing references to TA 101, and am wondering what this is? Thank you!

    1. Hello! Thanks for your TA interest! Answers:
      1. I will start the TAP Spring 2019 around the third week of January.
      2. I will be offering a TA Basics online in December. Some people do have previous TA instruction/training, and often that will count-I just need to know more information about that training.
      3. Take a look at this TA101 course I just found yesterday! People who want to pursue a CTA (certified Transactional Analyst) need TA 101. Link is https://ta-course.com/ I offer TA Practitioner certification through USATAA. TA Practitioner Certification is offered through USATAA.
      You may have more questions–just ask! Catherine

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