Where’s MY Permission Slip?

We all want someone to write us a “Permission slip” when we have not given ourselves permission to have what we want, or to say NO to what we don’t want.  We often become stuck in patterns of thinking, behaving, and believing that reflect our childhood decisions.  These decisions created your “Lifescript”, our blueprint for living.   Eric Berne, founder of TA, stated every person is born with basic Permissions:

  • Be-the permission to exist on this planet
  • Feel-the permission to feel my feelings
  • Think-the permission to think for myself
  • Share–  the permission to share who I am with others

As you reflect on your life, did you have permission to be you?  To feel your feelings?  To live your life the way YOU want?  If not, your “Lifescript”, the story of your life, may include several unspoken decisions and rules that keep you from living the life you really want to live.