Books and Diagrams

Catherine has written 2 electronic books that explain key beliefs and behaviors to live an authentic life.“The Seven Principles for Creating Your Authentic Life” includes 17 short video clips explaining important principles for change. Both books are available for your Mac or an iPad. It is available at the iBookstore and iTunes.

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The second book is called “The Seven Principles: Book 2 How People Get Stuck in Life”. The reader can understand how negative beliefs and behaviors cause problems in communication, in relationships, and at work. The book includes 17 videos and exercises will help you identify and change these beliefs and behaviors–and get un-stuck.

TA Tree Posters for Educators

Educators often find the TA Tree posters help their clients learn and recall the principles. Posters are two-sided and laminated  They are available 8 1/2 x 11 inch size.  $10 plus shipping costs.

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TA Lessons

My TAP students receive several one-page “TA Lessons” that help them teach some basic principles, like TA Philosophy, ego states, and transactions.  Here are a few for you to click and print.

The Philosophy of TA from TA Today

Berne Quotes About Permissions

Structural Diagram pdf

Complementary Transaction