Catherine has taught these workshops for several schools and businesses: 

-Introduction to Transactional Analysis for MFT Associates. TA is excellent for teaching good communication skills, making and keeping agreements; and the importance of positive strokes. We review the Seven Principles of TA, and apply them to clients. Participants learn the origins of TA; how TA can help their clients, as well as using TA as a diagnostic system as well as a treatment plan.

-Understanding Personality Types In the workshop, we learn about peoples’ preferences.  We learn how people prefer to manage time, how they get organized, and how they relate to others as part of the team. It promotes better understanding co-workers, supervisors, and clients (as well as family and friends!)  It is Catherine’s #1 rated workshop (watch the video clip below).  People find this information helpful to:

  • Identify the skills and contributions of each temperament to the team and family
  • Reduce conflict by making good agreements
  • Improve understanding and cooperation between people

Feelers and Thinkers

-Communication Skills in the Workplace is a 2-series class which provides your team members with tools and practice for good communication techniques. Catherine teaches tools and systems to foster rational (vs. emotional) communication. Participants are taught the significance of making and keeping good contracts with clients and co-workers. Excellent for team building and management development.

Customers: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, Smith Barney. Goodwill Employment Works, St. Juliana Falconieri Church, Crystal Cathedral, Braille Institute, St. Simon and Jude Catholic Church, and Bentley Prince Street