What is Good Therapy?

My background in Education and Business convinced me that simple, practical tools help people achieve their professional goals.  The same approach applies to personal change.  The right tools provide helpful insights that can lead to positive personal change.

Good Therapy Tools provide formulas and systems for personal change.  Good tools help you identify problems and possible solutions. They help you ‘sort yourself out,’ figure out what you want, and solve your problems rationally.  Ultimately, good therapy tools can help you write a positive script, called a ‘Winner’ life script.

I love to work with people who want to be happier, communicate better, and have more joy in life–but feel stuck.  Using Good Therapy Tools, you can learn systems for getting un-stuck, and creating the life you want. Thank you for your interest!


Catherine M. O’Brien CA LMFT 49626  and Certified TA Practitioner Instructor

E-mail: theTATeacher@gmail.com

Author of “The Seven Principles for an Authentic Life” on iTunes

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