Catherine O'Brien - The T.A. Teacher

Catherine O’Brien LMFT

Thank you for visiting my website. I am honored to work with people who want to have a happier, more successful, more joyful life–but often feel stuck. Our work together will help you get you back on track.

Through our work, you will understand yourself and others well. You will learn how to communicate effectively with the people you love. You will learn how to solve your problems.

I use simple diagrams and language of Transactional Analysis, or TA, to help you understand the world of psychology. This simple but effective approach is excellent for anyone–individuals, kids, couples, employees, and families—to find solutions to their problems and get on with the joy and business of successful living

The tools and systems you will learn can help you get un-stuck. You can re-write your life story, and create the life you were meant to live.

Catherine M. O’Brien
Licensed CA MFT #49676 and TA Practitioner 

Email: theTATeacher@gmail.com