Thank you for visiting my site. I am honored to work with people who want to have a happier, more successful, more joyful life–but often feel stuck.  You can learn how to get un-stuck and create the life you want with TA.

Transactional Analysis, or TA, is a positive, solution-focused counseling approach. With TA simple principles and tools, we have a new understanding of ourselves and others. We learn how to solve problems and sort ourselves out.  Ultimately, we learn to use these tools to write a ‘Winner’ life script.


Catherine M. O’Brien LMFT 49626

What is TA?

Transactional Analysis is a positive theory of psychology, created by Eric Berne, MD.  TA has helped millions of people live positive, authentic lives. TA uses simple, easy-to-understand diagrams and definitions to help you identify everyday life problems, and how to solve them.

TA tools help us identify how people get ‘stuck’ in poor beliefs, habits, and feelings. The tools help people overcome common problems, such as depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and relationship problems. TA principles work well for individuals, couples, with children, and at work.

In her workshops and iBooks, Catherine teaches TA with story-telling. Good stories are fun.  Good stories can help you see how other people use TA principles.  Her stories make workshops and webinars informative and inspiring.


Author of “The Seven Principles for an Authentic Life” on iTunes

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