About Catherine


Catherine has been a licensed Marriage and Family therapist since 2011. She has been called ‘The TA Teacher’  because of her educational approach.  She provides concrete tools for clients to know themselves well, and communicate more effectively.

Transactional Analysis, or TA, is a positive theory of psychology, created by Eric Berne, MD.  TA has helped millions of people live positive, authentic lives.  TA principles are simple, and therefore are excellent for learning good communication techniques for couples and family work.

Catherine teaches with story-telling.  Good stories integrate information in the brain.    Stories make workshops and webinars informative and inspiring.

Catherine’s Business Experience 

Before starting her private practice in 2006, Catherine  worked for over 20 years in the restaurant business.  She excelled at developing effective tools and systems for learning and for implementing change.  Her specialty was Understanding Personality Types, and Communication Skills for Managers.

  • License: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Certification: TA Practitioner Instructor