How We Can Help

Why People Seek Help

People seek counseling for many reasons.  Some people are in chaos or a crisis, and cannot find a way through.  Others seem unable to get change bad habits that do not serve them.

Good counseling requires change. Good counseling is solution-focused.  Good Therapy Tools give people a new language to understand themselves.  Good tools include simple diagrams that help people ‘visualize’ issues. These tools can help people solve problems, learn new skills, and get ‘unstuck’ so they can proceed with their lives.

I use a cognitive system of therapy called Transactional Analysis, or TA.  TA uses simple diagrams and definitions to help people sort out their problems. Each session you will learn 2-3 tools that will help you understand problems and solve them.  The goal of counseling is to help you create good habits that lead to positive change that you really want.

I am committed to work with people who want to be happier, communicate better, and have more joy in life.  You can create the life you want. Thank you for your interest!


Catherine O’Brien CA LMFT 49626  and Certified TA Practitioner Instructor


Author of “The Seven Principles for an Authentic Life” on iTunes

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