Couples Counseling in 3 Sessions-Hit the Reset Button

Couples counseling is serious business. People are often in crisis. Many times someone has engaged in bad behavior. It will require time, commitment, and the right tools to sort things out. I require 3 sessions to hit the Reset Button.

Over three weeks, we begin to re-build a healthy relationship foundation. Clients learn new ways to understand themselves and their partner/families. They learn to communicate effectively. They learn the importance of positive strokes & make good contracts.

1. Couples Counseling and Introduction to Transactional Analysis

• What brings you to counseling? Autopsy or Resuscitate? 3 Styles of Marriage

• TA Introduction PAC-PAC Critical Parent & Rebel Child ‘Activate’ Adult Positive Strokes Contracts Stroke & Stand Time Structure Price & Prize

2. Understand Your Personality Types

Most couples have different personality types! You will learn to understand similarities and differences in personality preferences using the book “Please Understand Me.” This session will help you understand people in many areas-at home, at work, and with friends.

3. Make and Keep Your Agreements using Relationship Contract

Good relationships are built by making and keeping your agreements. It gives each person a sense of stability and safety when they know what to expect. We negotiate 4 key areas in order to build that sense of stability. We use a Relationship Contract:
• each person complete worksheet for Time, Space Money and Play
• think about the price tags for breaking agreements (affairs, overspending, etc)

The couple may schedule another appointment to renegotiate their Relationship Contract. When the contract is done, they may want to continue working to strengthen their relationship.

“You know you love yourself or anyone else by the contracts you are willing to make and keep.”